Here is the leadership team that constitutes Houston Expat Pro or HEP, a Texan non-profit organization:

President, Elodie Aquilanti
Vice-president, Maylis Hopewell-Curie
Treasurer, Aline De Oliveira
Secretary, Gaelle de La Bourdonnaye

The board members are assisted by:

Our workshop and newsletter co-ordinator, Elodie Aquilanti
Our annual Spring event organiser, TBR
Our webmaster, Newsletter et emailing, Anne-Marie Marquié
Our social media expert, Véronique Eberhart

To the volunteers who worked with us in the past:

Thank you to all who shared with the HEP board their time and competencies:

Year 2018-2019: Maelle Thiteux
Year 2017-2018: Caroline De Ville, Pauline Peschard, Hillary Roy
Year 2016-2017: Julie Audren-Etur,Florence Vitel and Adelaide Russell
Year 2015-2016 : Dorothée de Ribet, Delphine Rome and Caroline Tchiakpe
Year 2014-2015 : Virginie Houet, Cécile Derriennic and Pauline de Moucheron