Houston expat pro is a nonprofit association, created to support and raise awareness of expat partners ‘work in Houston TX. This association was started in May 2014 by a group of active women who had the wish to develop their entrepreneurial projects: Adélaïde Russell, Maylis Hopewell-Curie, Caroline Tchiakpe, Virginie Houet, Céline Harrouet-Mustière, Pauline de Moucheron, Florence Vitel et Cécile Lanoes-Derriennic.

This initiative was born after realizing that something was missing: the richness and creativity of the expat partners’ professional activity made us realized that no organizations nor meeting places existed where professional work could be exposed, spread, marketed, recognized, encouraged and be valued. This lack of dedicated organization motivated us to create a network that fulfilled this void.

Judging by the enthusiasm we shared, it was obvious that we wanted to showcase the expat partners’ services and professional achievements in Houston, TX.

We have clearly identified these following NEEDS:

The possibility to be exhibited, seen and known for your professional work

Not only the ability to spread information, but also to support the expat partner via meetings and networking development.

The right to be recognized and paid for professional work.

Ours GOALS are:

SHOWCASING: Make known and promote Houston, TX expat partners’ services and professional achievements

INSPIRING: Create an active community for people implicated and fulfilling private and professional life (and yes, we can be highly implicated in both of them!)

CREATING: Value, promote and help to develop entrepreneurs professional initiatives

SUPPORTING: Encourage, reassure and nourish efforts in a constructive and positive manner.

BREAKING ISOLATION: Put people in contact; create network connections around professional objectives with shared and mutual support.

GUIDING: Information on entrepreneurship here in Houston TX, in a collective manner.

MARKETING: Raise awareness of services and creations via the Houston Expat Pro Website.

And our Values

We have strong values and try to be involved at our level in the company for the well being of everyone.
We want Houston Expat Pro to be a space where PROFESSIONALISM, COLLABORATION, SOLIDARITY, DIVERSITY and CARING prevail above all.
We celebrate and rejoice all successes!