Kristiane Charrier – Surface Pattern Designer & founder of the brand KAECI

Pattern maker, brand identity developer.

KAECI is an ethno-exotic lifestyle brand, where colors and prints harmoniously blend to result in unique products, declined in categories. From clothing and swimwear to fashion accessories and home-deco, each item is exclusive and entirely handmade by passionate craftmen from Africa and Brazil.

As an ethical and responsible brand, we prefer noble materials and careful finishes, focusing more on quality than quantity.

We stand for multiculturalism and consider diversity as a complementary strength for our world.

KAECI’s services

Prints designer : KAECI creates personalized prints for personal or professional projects (Fashion – Deco – Brand/Company visual identity).

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Biography of Kristiane Charrier

Trained in international economics and passionate about fashion since her teenage years, Kristiane’s adventure begins when, with her family, she settles in Rio de Janeiro in October 2011. In order to build a professional life that reconciles family and work despite the changes of domiciles linked to expatriation, she decides to embark on entrepreneurship and becomes what is called a Creative Entrepreneur.

After a series of intensive courses in the fashion industry, she created her own brand of women’s clothing, where she took on the role of fashion designer, pattern maker and prints designer for two years.

Her recent installation in Houston (8 months), allowed her to restructure her business, giving birth to a new brand named KAECI. Beyond a brand, Kristiane wants to offer a universe where the ethnicity of her native Africa, meets the exoticism of Brazil, recalling the strength of diversity and the complementarity of contrasts, to all those who she says, are citizens of the world, multicultural and in love with colors and prints.