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You are a professional, self-employed or have a project and you need to:
– Be exhibited, acknowledged for your creations whatever the line of business: technical, services, artistic, gastronomic or cultural…
– Have orders placed and reply to inquiries.
– Be working part- time.
– The opportunity and legal permit to work is not part of our competence.
It is an administrative procedure that you have to apply for in advance or simultaneously with your membership in Houston Expat Pro. We can help however.

You are also a professional looking for:
– A dynamic and compassionate group.
– A professional and friendly support network.
– A network that brings to you, and you bring to it as part of the exchange, in an equitable give and receive situation.

If you find yourself in some of these presented objectives, and the values that we care about, join our self-employed association.
Here we offer a win-win proposition.
You will enjoy several services from us, but we will expect some collaborative actions from you by joining us, which will enrich our exchanges.
Houston Expat Pro is waiting for you, make the first step!