Interview with…Marie NICOLAS

What is your experience with Houston Expat Pro?

In full consideration of my future professional endeavors, I contacted Elodie Aquilanti that I knew coach and therefore of good advice. She was the one who told me about the association, and I joined the members of Houston Expat Pro two year ago. The welcoming was remarkable, I found a positive, motivating, and benevolent spirit.

How did Houston Expat Pro help you in your project?

Houston Expat Pro provides high-quality workshops offering concrete tools and ideas for developing your own business.

Each Houston Expat Pro meeting generates a motivation’s boost. Sharing experiences and meeting other members is a real source of energy and helps improve your entrepreneurial project.

What are your news?

I am a doula, I accompany future and new mothers throughout their maternity journey. I offer support during pregnancy by providing evidence-based information, guidance to prepare a birth that suits them, and by encouraging them to make choices according to what fits them best. I also offer emotional and physical support during childbirth to make the experience as positive as possible. After birth, the first weeks are so important and often challenging, I accompany and encourage new mothers in their first steps. Even if the mothers are at the center of my attention, the partner and the family are always included in the support I provide.

I always wanted to work in perinatality. After teaching biology for over 10 years, the call was too strong … I had to act to follow my dream!

I took two training courses to become a doula. I am currently working on the last stages of my two certifications, a certification as a birth doula from CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) and a certification as a postpartum doula from Maternité Sacrée. I am already accompanying women in Houston, most of them expat, away from family and friends during this period that is so important in their lives.

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