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portrait Magali ButreMagali’s Healthier Kitchen is a blog to share recipes.

Biography Magali Larive-Butré

Engineer in the telecommunications industry, I have been living outside of France for most of the past 20 years. Because I was missing the traditional French cuisine, I became a self-taught cook and baker. My life as an expatriate also opened my eyes to new culinary horizons, far from the traditions of my native Burgundy. Then, in my forties, I became more and more interested in the effects of food on health.

In the course of the successive job transfers of my spouse, I realized that it was necessary for me to find an activity which could be also transferred from one country to the next: opening a restaurant or a bakery is not realistic when you know that you are going to leave shortly towards other horizons. It is quite naturally that, following bloggers, youtubers and other personalities of the internet I decided to use these media to virtualize my passion and share my culinary discoveries, my experiments and my know-how through my blog ” Magali’s Healthier Kitchen “

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